10 Health Benefits Of Carrot Seed Essential Oil

10 Health Benefits Of Carrot Seed Essential Oil

Carrot seeds produce a wonderful essential oil that has many beneficial properties. It can be used in both home cosmetics and folk medicine. Some people are not even aware of the multiple health benefits this essential oil can offer. In this article, we will provide you with some most miraculous benefits of this carrot seed’s oil.

Main Health Benefits Of Carrots Seed Oil
Here are some of the benefits of this useful vegetable.

Helps Slow Down The Aging Process

If you want to stay young longer and slow down the aging process in the body, use carrot seed oil.  There are many essential oils that people use to nourish the skin. When skin is healthy, automatically you will look younger.

The antioxidants in this product help to repair damaged tissues and protect the body from health problems associated problems. These include poor eyesight, indigestion, joint pain, etc. These are normally the signs of old age.

Has A Cleansing Effect

For those who prefer to detoxify the body and individual organs, then carrot seed oil may be just right. It copes especially well with cleansing the liver – the main filter of the human body. Thanks to carrot oil, the body is freed of toxins and harmful substances, the liver function improves.

These toxins gather in the body due to our bad habits like smoking, using alcohol, and drugs. In order to minimize the effect of drug abuse on the body, you can use carrot seed oil. It is ideal for those who cannot afford to pay for a rehab center.

Has Diuretic Properties

By using carrot seed’s oil, the rate of urination increases. There are pros and cons of frequent urination. On the one hand, this causes discomfort and leads to the loss of a large amount of fluid.

On the plus side, frequent urination flushes more fat, toxins, and bile out of the body. The bile can sometimes lead to infection. In addition, the oil’s diuretic properties cleanse the kidneys and reduce blood pressure.

Treats Infections

If a person quickly and often picks up infectious diseases, then most likely his/her immunity is weak. Carrot seed essential oil will help strengthen it. Though, there are many foods and oils that contribute to strengthening immunity. It has strong disinfectant and antiviral properties.

In folk medicine, people used it to prevent and treat infections in the stomach, mouth, intestines, throat, and colon. You can also use it to treat measles, colds, and flu. In older times, people used carrot seeds oil for curing many ailments.

Boosts Energy

Caffeine is perhaps the most well-known stimulant of all foods. It activates the functions of the brain, makes a person more attentive and focused. Carrot seed oil can also affect the body in a similar way. It stimulates metabolic function and blood circulation, as well as the secretion of important enzymes and hormones.

But like caffeine can have negative effects on health, this essential oil only benefits the body. Therefore, if you need a boost of energy, have 2 tbsp. of carrot seed’s oil.

Reduces the Risks of Cancer

In folk medicine, experts used carrot seed essential oil for the prevention of cancer. Although daily use of this oil does not guarantee complete protection against cancer but it can surely reduce it from spreading.  Moreover, the carrot seed’s oil prevents developing certain types of cancers, including kidney, stomach, mouth, and throat cancers.

For better functioning of heart and blood circulation, you should include carrot seed’s oil in your diet. You can add this oil to your salads and enjoy a healthy meal.

Improves Vision

In official medicine, the tangible benefits of carrots for improving vision have not been proven. But there is no doubt that fresh carrots are beneficial for health. Carrot seed oil also does not have miraculous powers in this regard. But it can help in the restoration of damaged eye tissue and prevent further damage.

Therefore, people for centuries have been using not only carrot seed oil but also carrot juice for better eye health. If it is not possible for you to use this oil, you can have a glass of its juice too.

Saves From Flatulence

If a person is often bothered by bouts of flatulence, then first of all he/she needs to reconsider the diet. It is helpful to include carrot seed oil. It helps to calm the stomach, normalize its functioning, and reduce gas formation.

After taking the oil, a person can feel relief quite quickly. However, examination by a doctor and adherence to an appropriate diet will be the primary solution to the problem associated with increased flatulence.

Improves Skin Condition

Carrot oil can be actively used in home cosmetics for skincare. It is high in antioxidants and vitamin A to help protect skin from sun damage. The oil is able to prevent premature wrinkles, dry skin, and acne.

You can take some carrot seed oil on your palm and massage it over your skin. It is especially good for the skin of the face. So before sleeping, you can massage it over your face.

Normalizes The Menstrual Cycle

Another merit of this oil is to help regulate the menstrual cycle and relieve pain during this period. Some women feel more pain during the menstrual cycle than others. This is because the functioning of each body is different. Women who take carrot seed oil are much easier to tolerate these tough days.


Carrot seed oil is very useful for the overall health of a person. But no matter how good and multifunctional this oil is, it is better to consult with your doctor. For example, women should not use this oil during pregnancy. Therefore, consult a doctor before using it in order to exclude an overdose, allergies, and other unpleasant consequences.