5 Reasons Why Nurses Are Valuable To Your Hospital

Nurses are the people who treat us while we are in the hospital bed or visit the facility for a particular procedure. When we need to go to the hospital, these professionals will take care of us most of the time.

It’s not easy finding great nurses these days. The competitive salary and the hard workforce lots of clinic owners use nurse staffing agencies for finding the best ones. Having a great team of them means the owner needs to do everything in their power to keep them.

Here are a few reasons why nurses are so valuable for the organization. Read on if you want to know more!

1. They are the backbone of the entire organization

Almost everything you see in a clinic is made possible by them. They help doctors and treat patients at the same time. They make sure the wheels of the entire place roll perfectly.

Prescribing medicaments and taking general care of the people receiving treatment in the hospital is their main job. Before patients see the doctor, they must follow up with the nurses who are going to set up the entire procedure and make them happy while there. Without them, the hospitals won’t function the way we see them.

2. It’s hard to find good nurses

Their average salary in the US is somewhere around $70,000 per year. Some states how way lower salaries, but in some states, like Hawaii and California, the salaries go over $100,000.

That means a good professional will always seek for another job if they feel like they are underpaid. Treating these employees with respect is a sure way to make them stay in your hospital, but not under all conditions.

The good ones always go to a better place. That’s why it’s hard to find a good nurse. If you manage to do so, be sure that you must do everything in your power to make them stay. See more about this here.

3. They often need to have doctor’s skills

Doctors or surgeons have one job, and that’s to treat patients in the fields they are skilled and experienced. They’ve spent years in school and mastered their craft. So, they spend time doing what they are doing best.

On the other hand, even though their education is not a high as the doctors’ or surgeons’, the nurses will still need to know at least the basics of the doctors’ and surgeons’ knowledge. If they want to do a good job, this is crucial.

At the same time, they need to finish their tasks too. All of this gives you a clear idea of how much they need to work and be dedicated to the patients and the workplace. It’s not easy being one.

4. Patient satisfaction depends on their work

In the US, hospital care is a business. Depending on how professional, skilled, and popular a particular place is, that’s how many patients they’ll have. If a certain hospital sees no patients, they will not be able to continue working.

When patients get out of the facility, they love to share their experiences with other people on the internet. The internet offers reviews for every industry, and healthcare is not an exception.

More than 90% of the time, patients communicate with nurses. They are the main reason for the patients’ opinion about whether a particular place is worth spending their money on or not. In other words, nurses are the ones that drive the hospitals’ reputation. See why patient satisfaction is important for the company here:

5. They often work 24 hours a day

Most industries have a fixed working time of 8 hours per day. People usually work 40 hours per week, from 9 to 5, and have the weekends free. Not medical staff. They often work in three shifts, during the weekends, and sometimes their workday lasts 24 hours.

They can’t be compared to any other worker and industry there is. Patient care never stops, so hospitals can’t let their patients be left without care. That’s why someone needs to be by their side at any time of the day or night. Who’s there with them? Of course, the nurses.