9 Signs That You Are Deficient In Vitamins And Minerals

9 Signs That You Are Deficient In Vitamins And Minerals

When we get all the vitamins and nutrients we need, all our body systems work in harmony; we look and feel great. But as soon as something is missing, the body immediately gives an alarm signal. Most of the time, we ignore these signals or fail to understand them, thus leading to several health consequences.

So, here are the signs with the help of which our body warns about the lack of necessary vitamins and nutrients. The main thing is to understand them correctly and take necessary corrective measures.

Signs That You Lack Nutrients And Minerals

For some people, these signs are not severe; thus, they do not take them seriously. As a result, mineral deficiency in the body leads to the development of some serious problems. Pay attention so you can identify these signs timely and save your body from further damage.


Deficiency: Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are a kind of natural lubricant for our entire body – from the walls of blood vessels to the skin. And if there are not enough healthy fats in the diet, the body begins to economize. It starts to dry the organs less important for life in favor of the vital ones.

You will notice dryness on your face, hands, arms, and legs. Such dryness does not go away with moisturizers. So if you can’t get rid of dandruff, eat more fish, as well as walnuts, olives, and vegetable oils.

2.Thin And Brittle Hair

Deficiency: B vitamins

Deficiency of B vitamins and folic acid leads to weakening of hair, fragility, and dryness. It is very simple to replenish such a deficiency by yourself. You can do it by adding a proportion of useful carbohydrates to your diet.

Mostly non-vegetarian foods such as turkey, kidney, fish, crab, chicken, oyster, and prawn are rich in B vitamins. Fortunately, there are options for vegetarians as well; they can make up for the deficiency with spinach, asparagus, oatmeal, and rice.

3.Cracks And Soreness In The Mouth

Deficiency: Vitamin B12

Cracks in the corners of the mouth and small ulcers inside the mouth can indicate a lack of vitamin B12. A person can eliminate this deficiency simply by adding more eggs, poultry foods, and red meat to his/her diet.

But if the wounds appear often and do not go away for a long time, be sure to see a doctor. This can be an early symptom of some form of cancer, which only a doctor can identify.


Deficiency: Vitamin D

Constant fatigue that does not go away despite a sufficiently long (more than 8-9 hours) sleep is an almost guaranteed sign of vitamin D deficiency. Lack of energy, drowsiness, loss of energy – all these are signals that it is worth checking the level of vitamin D in the body.

In summer and spring, it is enough just to be outdoors more often, and you can get the daily intake of vitamin after 15-20 minutes spent in the sun. In winter and autumn, it is worth eating more dairy products, fatty fish, as well as almonds and mushrooms to replenish the body with vitamin D.

5.Dry Mouth

Deficiency: Zinc

Do you have a dried mouth even after drinking plenty of water? Well, this indicates that your body is deficient in zinc. Another indication of zinc deficiency is chapped lips. One of the major causes of its deficiency is excessive consumption of alcohol. Alcohol hinders the absorption of zinc in the body and increases its loss through urine.

For dealing with this problem, you need to get help from the addiction rehab center. If the treatment is expensive for you, get assistance from insurance plans. AmeriHealth rehab insurance facilitates addicts to get treatment and is available in several States. Once you get rid of addiction, add foods rich in zinc such as beans, cereals, nuts, and whole grains to restore its level in the body.


Deficiency: Vitamin C

Do you get bruised too easily? This could be a sign of a lack of vitamin C, which is actively involved in collagen production. In addition, when we are under severe stress, we lose vitamin C rather quickly.

Therefore, we may become deficient, even if we eat a lot of foods containing this vitamin. So if there are too many bruises on your legs and arms, you may want to eat more cabbage and oranges.


Deficiency: Magnesium or Calcium

Magnesium and calcium play an important role in muscle contraction. But if these important substances are lacking in the body, a person can experience seizures. Dairy products, bananas, avocados, and pumpkin seeds can help fill the deficiency in the body. 

8.Early Gray Hair

Deficiency: Copper

The causes of early gray hair can be many, from stress and disruption of the endocrine system to genetics, but one of the possible is a lack of grain in the diet. The fact is that copper plays a very important role in the production of melanin, which maintains the natural color of our hair.

If you start to go gray too early and there is no family history, check your copper levels. Oysters, mushrooms, nuts, and lobsters are rich sources of copper.


Deficiency: Fiber and magnesium

Normally, the bowel should be emptied at least every 48 hours. There are many reasons why this does not happen. From depression to endocrine disorders, there are several reasons for constipation, but the most common is a constant fiber deficiency.

The daily allowance for women is 25 grams and for men 38 grams. To get enough fiber, you need to eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as legumes.

Take Away

Deficiency in any mineral in the body can cause several symptoms; some of them are listed above. A person can avoid the deficiency of necessary minerals and vitamins in the body by having a balanced diet. Eat healthy foods rich in vitamins to reduce health problems.