9 Ways To Protect A Newborn Baby From Cold

With the onset of winter, the mother of an infant has many questions. What to dress the child in so that he does not freeze and how to protect his skin from the effects of low temperature. Do not panic, in this article, we will address all these questions. By reading this article you will be able to protect your child from cold.

How to Dress Your Baby in Winter?

The child’s clothing must meet the following requirements:

1- Clothes Should Be Loose

Almost all mothers dress babies in comfortable clothes. But the clothes should not be too tight for the child and squeeze it. Otherwise, blood circulation will be difficult and the child will quickly freeze. Besides, warm air is located between the layers of loose clothing, which additionally warms the child.

2- Which Fabric To Choose?

In synthetic clothes, the child will quickly sweat and freeze. When buying a jumpsuit, you should pay attention to the membrane fabrics. They regulate heat exchange, since they do not allow cold air to pass through and at the same time remove excess moisture. Overalls made of this fabric are not only warm but also lightweight.

3- Do Not Cover Your Child’s Mouth With A Scarf

Many mothers, fearing that the child will breathe in the cold air and get sick, cover his mouth with a scarf. This should not be done, since moisture accumulates in the scarf when the child breathes, which freezes in the cold, forming an ice crust. At best, the child will experience skin irritation.

4- Don’t Overheat Your Baby

The mistake of many mothers is that in cold weather they wrap the child too much and, as a result, overheat him. Especially if a mother, going for a walk, first dresses the child, and then dresses herself. A steamed and wet baby falls into the cold – and cold is guaranteed.

You can check on a walk whether a child is cold or not by touching his nose. If it is warm, then you can walk further – the child is warm.

How To Avoid ARI And ARVI In Winter?

5- Use An Antiviral Ointment

If it is severe frost outside, bacteria and viruses are unlikely to survive there, so there is no danger of getting sick. But a mother sometimes needs to use public transport or go to the store with her child, because there is no one to leave him with.

In this case, antiviral ointment approved for use in infants will help. The instructions say that up to 2 years old it must be used with caution. Nevertheless, practice shows that it can be used for newborns, only it is not necessary to lubricate the inner mucous membrane of the nose. But to spread the ointment with a thin layer around the child’s nose. Of course, you must first consult your pediatrician.

6- Ventilate The Apartment

During a walk, do not forget to open the windows in the apartment for ventilation. Fresh air is good for the health of the mother and the baby.

7- Breastfeed As Long As Possible

Breastfeeding is also good prevention from infections. Everyone knows that breast milk, in addition to nutrients, also contains immunoglobulins that protect the baby from infections. It is not advised to stop breastfeeding even if the mother herself gets sick with ARVI. The antibodies that are produced in her body to fight infection pass into milk and protect the baby from it.

8- Do Not Leave The Baby Unattended

Both the parents should be present to look after the baby. Children get injured quickly and it is not safe to leave them alone. Always keep an eye on them. However, if one parent is an alcoholic or drug-addicted, make sure the other one stays full time with the baby.

In such a situation a person should think about the health of the baby and get rid of alcoholism as soon as possible. You need to keep this thing in mind that only you can raise your child well. And such habits will not negatively affect the baby’s health.

How To Protect Your Baby’s Skin?

In winter, many suffer from the fact that the skin on the face dries up and begins to peel off due to frost and wind. This becomes more enhanced by the dry air in the apartment from the heating operation. What we can say about little children, because their skin is thin, delicate, and the vessels are located close to its surface.

9- Baby Cream

A baby nourishing cream will help to avoid dry skin. It should be oily and at the same time quickly absorbed. When buying a baby cream, it is important to pay attention to its composition, it should include:

  • Vegetable oils
  • Beeswax
  • Mink fats
  • Lanolin

These substances form a protective film on the skin and at the same time do not clog the pores. Learn to identify the symptoms of frostbite. If you notice that your baby’s skin is red or tender, move to a warm area to protect him from further exposure to the cold.

Immediately Use Natural Cream

Natural creams have a short shelf life, so they should be used immediately after opening the tube. Before fully using such a cream, you need to check if the child will be allergic to it. To do this, in the evening, lubricate a small area of ​​skin on the child’s handle with cream, and check the reaction in the morning.

The cream should be applied to the baby’s skin half an hour to an hour before the walk so that it can be absorbed. Otherwise, in the cold, it will simply freeze on the baby’s skin.


It is important to protect babies from the cold, especially if it’s their first winter. You need to pay more attention to them and try to keep them covered. By following the above tips, you will be able to keep your baby warm this winter. Winter provides many occasions for joy. Enjoy the snow and take care of yourself and your babies.