Amigo Mobility Scooters

Amigo Mobility Scooters

Amigo Mobility Scooter brand was founded in 1968, and it has been a key player in the mobility scooter industry. This is a family-owned business under the management of its founder, Al Thieme, alongside his wife, daughter, and son.

Initially, Al Thieme was a plumber in Bridgeport, Michigan, but after a family member developed multiple sclerosis and lost his mobility, he was motivated to venture into the scooter industry. Since back then there were a few mobility aids on the market, Mr. Thieme sort to develop a better way to help the relative regain his independence.

Here are some of the most popular Amigo mobility scooters:

1. Amigo TravelMate Foldable Mobility Scooter

Amigo’s new TravelMate Electric Folding Scooter is intended for individuals who cover regular long-distance travel. It has several features that make it unique and appropriate for these situations, including:

  • A robust front-drive hub motor
  • A twist-grip throttle
  • Super lightweight aluminum body. This feature makes this travel scooter an excellent travel choice.

Additionally, this is a folding mobility scooter, meaning users can travel with it while it is in the trunk of their cars. For effective folding, remove the basket and power pack before sliding the seat forward and folding the handle down.

2. Amigo RT Express 3 Wheel Mobility Scooter

The RT Express is one of the most popular units in the Amigo series, primarily because of its unique features that make life easier. Some of these features include:

· A Streamlined Design and Turning Radius

This feature makes it suitable for indoor use as it manages to squeeze through even the narrowest passageways and around the sharpest curves. This is due to the scooter’s outstanding 33-inch turning radius, easing maneuverability.

· The Power and Seat System

The rear wheel drive acceleration of the RT Express propels it forward. As a result, the rider can navigate a range of outdoor terrain while riding this unit. Additionally, it also has a swivel seat with flip-up armrests. The seat can rotate at 360 degrees, enabling the user to get on and off the scooter easily. This executive seat has some of the most supportive cushioning available in their product range, giving it the much needed comfort.

· The Scooter’s Foldability

The Amigo RT Express Mobility Scooter is easily foldable to fit into the trunk of most vehicles. You can do so by removing the seat and folding down the tiller.

3. Amigo HD Heavy Duty Standard Mobility Scooter

The Amigo brand is famous for producing high-quality scooters with sturdy frames. The HD 3 Wheel Mobility Scooter does not deviate from these traits in the least, as it has the following features:

· Weight Capacity

It has a heavy-duty weight capacity of 500 pounds, meaning it can hold some of the heaviest people. Moreover, it has a battery range of 30 miles, allowing you to use your scooter all day without recharging it between rides.

· Comfort

The Amigo HD is intended to give a pleasant ride for large-sized individuals. The idea for its design is similar to that of the RD scooter, although:

  • It has a bigger space and a wider seat.
  • A 4″ more extended platform.
  • A 2″ longer handlebar.

Combining these features with the seat’s 360-degree swivel and plush features makes you realize you are getting an excellent deal for the best product.

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