CBD Oil and Cancer: How to Use Cannabis During Chemotherapy?

Cancer is a terrible disease. That’s all that should be necessary to say on it. 

As it is such a terrible disease, it feels fitting that chemotherapy is similarly terrible. A round of chemo can leave you feeling weak, tired, and nauseous to an extent that should be illegal. After receiving their dose of poison, many cancer patients report feeling like they can’t eat, sleep, or relax, and yet that’s all they want to do.

Surviving cancer and chemotherapy is as amazing as a person can get. But, although it’s cooler to do it the hard way, and suffer all of the horrible side effects, some people might prefer to actually feel like a person while fighting the disease. As such, I’ve looked into CBD oil and CBD tinctures as a treatment to help survive chemotherapy.

First, CBD does not cure cancer. I know, it’s hard to believe that the stoner wearing a pair of hemp pants wasn’t right, but it’s true. What CBD oil can do is treat the treatment. In fact, CBD seems almost perfectly suited to help people fair decently while going through chemo, and it’s benefits include:

Searching for Reliable Information on CBD Oil Use in Cancer ...

  • Appetite recovery
  • Calmness and relaxation, often leading to a peaceful sleep
  • Reduced pain, without losing consciousness

Of course, CBD has a variety of other effects that are worth their own article (and they’ll get one). These can be used to treat diseases like epilepsy, and disorders like insomnia.

Unfortunately, CBD oil has an unpleasant taste that distracts it from the beginning. If you can eat after chemotherapy, a CBD edible is the ideal solution. They are a delicious, and healthy way to get CBD oil into your body, allowing you to begin the recovery process faster.

However, be sure to consult your oncologist and doctor before taking any CBD product. Some drugs may interact adversely with CBD and cause adverse reactions in your system. However, if approved by your doctor, CBD products can help you withstand chemotherapy.

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