Detox Procedure, the Way it is Done.

Detoxification is a process of recovery from drug abuse. It is for people that have been cast out from the rest of society and cannot break free from the curse of drug abuse. These people that are going through this excruciating time were not always like this. They used to live happy normal lives that were prosperous and had faces that had wide smiles on it. But things happen that make these people lose their track in life. Those things can be anything, it can be a death of a loved one, losing a job that helped them stay stable, losing a pet, or going through some kind of an illness. Some just get hooked on drugs because of a jet-set lifestyle, and just cannot recover no matter how much they try.

For these reasons, there are detox centers available such as Ascendant Detox Connecticut. These detox centers have all the necessary treatments and therapies at the disposal, a patient can have these services 24 hours a day and 7 days a week in order to cure their drug abuse problem.

Types of Detox Treatments:

There are quite a few types of detox treatments that one can adopt in order to cure themselves. The types of treatments are basically two when it comes to drug and alcohol abuse. These two treatments are administered to patients depending upon the severity of each case. Some patients are suffering from mild symptoms of drug abuse while others have severe symptoms. The withdrawal symptoms of each are also a handful to take care of for friends and family members when someone suffering from drug abuse just tries to detoxify themselves.

Drug abuse has a medical way of getting treated and that is through inpatient and outpatient detox treatments. In these type of treatments the patient is not surrounded by friends and family all the time instead they are surrounded by medical professionals at the Ascendant Detox Connecticut centers.

Drug and Alcohol Detox Intake Process | INTEGRIS


Inpatient Detox Treatment.

Inpatient detox treatment works better that any other treatment. This type of treatment is only for people that are suffering through a severe form of drug abuse. Where drugs have become so important that these patients are ready to leave friends and families, spend thousands of savings, and even forget their sense of self for drugs. These drugs make them do things that hurt them and the people around them.

Inpatient detox treatments work in a very detailed and controlled manner. What they do is that they let the patient stay at a rehab facility while being surrounded by medical professionals who make sure the vitals, the actions, and the readings of a patient are always normal, especially during the time of withdrawal where patients relapse a lot. Relapsing can make the patients more depressed and make them feel like there is no way out of it, but inpatient detox treatment help the patient get detoxified properly. This treatment ranges anywhere from 1-6 months or even 1 year if the case is extremely severe.

Outpatient Detox Treatment.

This type of treatment is more easy on the drug abuser. What this treatment does is that it lets the patient get treated at a specific time for a few hours in a day and later on, the patient can go home to their friends and family. This type is preferable for people who have mild drug abuse problem. But if the relapse happens due to the patient being away from the facility and around friends then it can turn into a severe case, regardless if it does, the health counselor will advise and administer inpatient detox treatment at the Ascendant Detox Connecticut centers