Does an NC Sex Offender Live Near You?

Does an NC Sex Offender Live Near You?

Sex offenders live all over the country, and because they have a high rate of recidivism ensuring that the public has access to information about offenders is important. Sex offenders could easily live in your neighborhood right under your nose without you having the slightest idea. Sex offenders don’t look any specific kind of way, so identifying them without a registry is important. If you live in North Carolina and have wanted to obtain information about sex offenders in your neighborhood you’ll need to use the NC sex offender registry to make sure that you have all of the available information.

How Long do North Carolina Sex Offenders Need to Register?

Even though there is a national law that requires information for moderate to high-risk offenders, a lot of the specifics are still made on a state-by-state basis. In North Carolina, all repeat offenders, violent offenders, and those that were charged with aggravated offenses must register for life. Otherwise, the offender must register for 10 years. All offenders are required to register within 10 days of release from their sentence, change of address, or entering a county. Any offender that is charged but not incarcerated must register as a sex offender immediately. 

Any North Carolina sex offender, including offenders that were charged in another state, faces punishment if they’re found to be out of compliance with the registration laws. The first offense is considered a Class III Felony, and each consecutive offense is considered a Class I Felony. North Carolina set up their sex offender laws like this so they could be sure that law enforcement can keep as close of an eye as possible on the sex offenders that reside within their state. 

How to Find the North Carolina Sex Offender Registry.

Every registry, no matter the state, is considered a public safety measure. Because of that making sure that it’s as easily accessible to as many people as possible is important. With that end in mind, the common sense approach would be to just host the registry on the internet, and that’s exactly where you can find the registry. Each state assigns a body to handle the registry, in North Carolina that agency is the North Carolina Bureau of Investigation. The NCBI updates the registry with new information whenever available and does its best to ensure that the website is always up and running.

The easiest way to find the registry if you don’t know the web address off hand is simply to search “North Carolina sex offender registry” on your preferred search engine. This should pull up the official site in most cases, but make sure to double-check before proceeding. It’s unlikely that an ad will appear first because it is a public safety matter, but it’s not entirely impossible and you want to be sure that you’re on the right website. Once on the official registry site, you’ll have access to things like the name, address, photograph, and charges of the offender so you can decide for yourself how big of a threat each offender is to your and your family’s safety.

Make Planning for Safety Easy.

Making a good safety plan requires information that is reflected in the real world. That’s exactly why the sex offender registries are so powerful. They allow the public access to identifying information about sex offenders that live in their communities, allowing them to know exactly who is a threat and how much of a threat they pose. No one wants to be targeted and victimized by a sex offender, and having a good safety plan established is vital for ensuring that it’s as unlikely as possible. 

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