Good Source of Vitamin B12 Foods

Vitamin B12 is very important for the body to stay strong and productive. This is something that the body cannot make on its own, you need to take it from outside sources such as prescriptions and foods. Vegetarians and other people who do not eat animals must know an alternative in where to get vitamin B12. To explain further, this vitamin is responsible to make the red blood cells healthy. The healthy shape of red blood cells are round and small, when you are lacking of vitamin B12, this shapes might change. Thus, making it hard for the red blood cells to roam around the body and fails to deliver enough oxygen. This would tend the person to feel tired or have an extreme fatigue even without an active physical activity. On the other hand, red blood cells also tend to make a person be forgetful. So, in order to avoid these symptoms, here are some foods that you could take regularly in order to supply yourself with enough vitamin B12.

Internal organs of animals

Some people might not be eating animal’s internal organs such as liver and kidneys, but do you know that it contains a lot of nutrition and of course, vitamin B12? This is the part of the body where the foods and the water they drink are being processed, so no wonder that some nutrients got stuck into it. If you long to eat this, you should be careful in choosing. Go to your favorite supermarket and ask if they have internal organs, it should be freeze and stay fresh as much as possible. The liver and kidney of lambs are the best, for it contain a good amount of vitamin B12. Plus, you could also get copper, selenium and vitamin A and B2 when you consume it. There are a lot of recipes online that you could check.

Eggs, eggs, eggs

  • Eggs are a good source of Vitamin B12 and it is a very common breakfast meal for many people. It also gives a good amount of vitamin B and vitamin B2. By just consuming two large eggs, you will have a supply of 22% of the RDI for vitamin B12, plus 28% of the RDI for the vitamin B2.  However, you should still have eggs intake with moderation as this contains cholesterol. To know more about vitamin B12, you could check signs and symptons of a vitamin b12 deficiency.