How Can an Increased Rate of Addiction Hurt Our Country?

How Can an Increased Rate of Addiction Hurt Our Country?

The number of people that are addicted to different kinds of substance abuse is steadily rising in the country. The number has already passed 21 million according to a survey conducted recently. This number should be a wake-up call to our authorities. The government should take strong and definitive action to counter the rampant supply of drugs. Besides the government, our society in general also has to change its ways. We need to change how we approach and deal with addicts and drug addiction. We have come a long way from the times when addiction was considered taboo and addicts were left to suffer in isolation and nowadays addicts are more open to the idea of getting into rehab and those around the addict like the family and friends are more active in helping the addict escape their addiction. This has increased the number of people who are currently involved in any sort of rehab program. According to a survey, almost 1 in 10 addicts are involved in rehab.

The best way to help an addict is to get them to a rehab center so that they can work on their triggers which allows them to understand what got them into addiction and this knowledge helps them leave their addiction behind. Moreover, this ensures that they do not relapse since they understand their triggers are. So if you have a loved one who is struggling with addiction you must help them by admitting them to a rehab program. Look up online for rehab clinics around you i.e. drug rehab orange county.

Drug Abuse and Addiction -

If the addiction rates are allowed to increase without check, our country is going to be in a conundrum. Addicts are unlike normal people when it comes to the way they think. Drugs often extensively change the way addicts think. For an addict, nothing is more important than their next fix and this can create several problems. Addicts often sequester themselves from their family and friends and this is the start of the road to ruin for an addict. To sustain their addiction, the addicts need money and since most addicts often quit their jobs and leave their businesses they turn to thievery. They often begin at home stealing the money that might belong to someone else. In case they do not find any cash they can turn to selling or pawning expensive stuff to gain the money to spend on acquiring drugs. As an addict continues their addiction their body gets accustomed to the drug and they need more of it to reach the old high and thus they need more money. At this point, they often try to get into crimes that pay more. Shop robberies, breaking and entering, are some common activities for these new criminals. If they are not caught for any of the prior crimes, they continue to fall further into the criminal world. As the need for money increases their inhibitions drop and they are more willing to commit crimes normally their conscience would not allow them to do. This chain of events happens with some variation around the country and this increases the crime rate and results in the loss of innocent lives and their property.

Among the population, the largest age group that is active in drug abuse are the young college-going students. These youngsters use drugs liberally and are oftentimes addicted to more than one drug. Since they begin at such an early age, they go on to become lifelong addicts. These people who are supposed to lead the country in the future are instead going down a road where they will eventually become a burden on the nation.

Strong action is required both to reduce the number of people buying drugs and the number of people selling drugs so that our country does not go down a dark road.