How Can You Avoid Muscle Strain Occur Your Feet? Tips to Follow

How Can You Avoid Muscle Strain Occur Your Feet? Tips to Follow

Many people are suffering from the issue of muscle strain!

But firstly, you should know what muscle strain actually is?

It is a disorder that occurs when the muscle of the patient stretches too much or is torn.

FACT: As per the research, the main reasons for this problem are fatigue and extra usage of muscles. Strain can be in any muscle, but the common places are the lower back, neck, shoulder, and thigh.

Further, due to this issue, patients feel pain and also the limited movement of the affected muscles.

At the same time, some strains can be treated only through medical treatments like using medical boots to use at home!

Major Causes of Severe Muscle Strains:

When your muscle gets torn suddenly, then you suffer from muscle strain. The main causes of these tears are injuries or trauma. The following are the reasons for this issue:

  • If you don’t warm up before exercise
  • You have less flexibility
  • You have less conditioning
  • Overexertion and dullness

FACT: Most people think that the main reason for strain is too much exercise. But according to Hopkins medication, it is concluded that walking is also the cause of strain.

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First Aid Treatments for Muscle Strains:

Several strains are mild, so you can treat them at home easily. The following are the treatments that can treat minor strains:


When you continuously feel pain in your muscles reported at the sports sector in the University of Birmingham. Then you should avoid using your muscles for some days. But remember, if you give too much relaxation to muscles, then it causes weakness.

So, due to this, the healing process takes too much time!

Finally, after two days, you need to slightly use the affected part of the muscle. But try to avoid overuse of the affected muscle.


When you suffer from a muscle injury, then immediately use ice. So, due to this treatment, swelling will be less.

TIP: Remember that you should use ice directly; pack it in the ice pack or a towel.

You need to repeat this treatment after every hour on the 1st day. Then for the next few days, use this treatment after 4 hours.



When your affected area becomes swell continuously, then you can use an elastic bandage.

You can wrap this bandage on the affected part until swelling becomes less.

TIP: Andrew Hartland claim to remember that you should wrap the part too tight. If you do this, then it can decrease your blood circulation.


You can also keep your affected muscle raised that should be above the level of the heart.

The following are also the other self-care treatments:

  • You can use anti-inflammatory medicine like ibuprofen (Advil). So, it will lessen the pain and swelling of the affected area. Another medicine is Acetaminophen (Tylenol) which helps lessen the pain.
  • Through this, blood circulation will come back to improve the healing process.

TIP: Try to avoid relaxing muscles for a prolonged period. It can cause weakness in your muscles. So, you must start minor stretching but with time, increase this stretching.

  • You should ensure to stretch or warm up before exercise when you go to the normal activity. Through this, blood circulation in the muscles enhances and reduces the danger of being injured.
  • Try to remain in shape without having an awkward pose. So, if you have strong muscles, then they have less risk of being strained.

If still, you have an acute strain, then we suggest you choose medical treatment. Further, physical therapy is also the best option for this issue.

Expert Tips to Follow to Recover and Avoid Muscle Strain:

When you play sports, running, etc., then the issue of foot and ankle strain arises!

Warm-Up Prior To Any Sports Activity

When you suffer from muscle strain, then you should use slight jogs. It should be done 2-3 minutes total to warm up the muscles.

TIP: Try to avoid forcing the stretch because it causes the issue.

Condition Your Muscles For The Sport

Then you must increase the time gradually because it helps to build muscle strength suggested by Michael Feher. Furthermore, Cross-training is also a place that helps to build muscles.

If you have low arched feet, then you should choose the shoes. Then it will provide help in the shoe and the arch. So, you must choose shoes that are more stable.

While if you have high arched feet, then you should choose shoes that must be cushion type.


Avoid Running Or Stepping On Uneven Surfaces.

When you are walking, then you must avoid going through the hilly areas. If you are trail running, then the main problems are holes, trees, and roots.

When you have the issue of the lower leg, then you must use the dirty road.

FACT: As suggested by experts, the road is softer than the asphalt, which is then softer than the concrete. So, you must use a good surface when possible.

Be Careful Running Too Many Hills.

No doubt, running in the uphill area is a very challenging task.

But ensure that you have already developed it to prevent injuries.

TIPRalph Rogers suggests that you should take care while running downhill. So, it becomes the cause of a serious issue.

Prevent Recurrent Injuries

Every athlete suffers from an ankle injury. But in the past, people used tape or brace to avoid recurrent ankle injuries.

Listen To Your Body

Further, if you become injured, then you can use rehabilitation.

Final Verdict:

Regular exercise is helpful, which keeps a healthy lifestyle. Appropriate methods are additionally critical in forestalling muscle strains. Continuously stretch and warm-up prior to taking part in actual work!

TIP: It’s suggested that you comprehend your body’s limits. If it doesn’t feel right during a movement, stop right away.

For a gentle strain, you might have the option to get back to typical exercises inside three to about a month and a half with fundamental home consideration!

FACT: According to the research by Laurence Lovat, the vast majority recuperate totally. You can work on your possibilities of recuperation by finding ways to try not to get a similar physical issue once more. Adhere to your PCP’s directions, and don’t take part in difficult active work until your muscles have recuperated.