How Does The Dental Plaque Lead To Emergency Dental Problems?

How Does The Dental Plaque Lead To Emergency Dental Problems?

Dental plaque is a thin, sticky layer containing millions of bacteria and sticks to your teeth surface. This layer adheres to the teeth and must be cleaned daily. Every day when you wake up in the morning, you have probably noticed the presence of this relatively unpleasant layer on your teeth with your tongue. These bacteria and plaques may force you to go to a dental emergency office if you don’t pay enough attention to them.

Doctors and researchers call dental plaque a biofilm because it contains a myriad of living microbes and bacteria! Read on to discover when you need to visit an emergency dental clinic in Vaughan.

What Causes Dental Plaque?

The human mouth is a vast world or rather a thriving ecosystem. Every time you eat, drink and swallow, thousands of bacteria, microorganisms, and other small substances enter your mouth.

Most of the time, there is a delicate balance in your oral ecosystem. But when certain types of bacteria accumulate in your mouth too much, they can cause emergency issues.

Bacteria feed on sugars by eating certain foods, such as carbohydrates, in the form of beverages and other foods. During this process, acid is produced. These acids can lead to the following emergency problems:

  • Creating cavities in the teeth
  • Teeth abrasion and erosion teeth
  • Gum tissue damage


If you think that only the visible tooth surface can rot, you should know that some types of caries can even occur under your gums.


Most of the time, the plaque is colorless or pale yellow. During an oral examination, a dentist can use a small mirror to diagnose the plaque type accurately.


You can remove the plaque by brushing and flossing regularly or prevent them from getting hard. Some dentists recommend using electronic toothbrushes to remove these harmful structures because they seem to be more effective in removing plaque. But remember, if the plaque is too hard, you need an emergency dental appointment to remove them as soon as possible.


The most significant thing you can do to prevent bacterial damage to your teeth and gums is to brush your teeth every day. You would better brush your teeth twice a day and after eating sugary foods. You can also eat berry fruits. Before consuming fruits such as blueberries, cranberries, strawberries, etc. you would better talk to your dentist. Laboratory studies have shown that the polyphenols in these fruits can inhibit two harmful bacteria in the mouth involved in emergency tooth cavities. You should be sure that these fruits are not dangerous to you.

Dental Plaque Management

Plaques form every night when you are asleep or during the day when you are eating and drinking. If you do the following tips correctly, you can prevent this harmful layer growth:

  • Check your oral health
  • Limit sugary foods and beverages that are high in carbohydrates
  • Regular visits to the dentist

Without regular teeth cleaning, plaque can turn into hard tartar. Also, it may cause emergency dental problems, including cavities, tooth decay, gum disease and inflammation in your mouth. So, you should remove these layers by daily brushing and flossing.