How Rehabilitation Works?

Open Mind is a rehab center based in North Wales. They are one of the best rehab centers in the UK. They have every efficient way of treating a client who is suffering from alcohol or any other drug addiction. Open Mind only treats the patients who are above 18 and have a serious condition. They have few steps at rehab north wales which every client have to follow and they are;


At the very start you need to talk to one of the counsellors at Open Mind so they can assess what kind of issue you are facing and how you must be treated with quitting the particular drug.


Once you talk to the counsellor and decide to start with the treatment they will send you a whole sum of information which you may read properly before your admission. It is the most important part of the journey to a healthy life because you cannot back off once you accept the terms and conditions. And they will tell you what you have to take with yourself just before the admission.


You will be warm welcomed at the appointed date and time. Once you are present at the center you have to do some important paperwork. Then you’ll be introduced to their other client who will become a friend of yours and help you settle down and give a homely feeling.

Setting in

At the end of the appointment day you will be introduced to the other clients and will be given the house tour and you will be guided to your room. Then the House Management team will explain to you about your daily routine and other tasks to be done.


First of all, you will be told that the particular addiction is an illness and you need to get over it. Once you start to own that this illness should be cured the other steps will be taken. There will be a group of sessions in which you’ll be told about how to live happily being sober and how life can turn out to be good for you. Clients who are ahead in the programme will also guide and discuss their experiences with you. You will also be involved in other household chores. Shopping, walking and running will also be done on weekends. The client will also be helped to recognize their personal relapse triggers and develop strategies to deal with them.


Once your treatment is done at rehab wrexham you will be free to go home and enjoy your life in a better and a healthier way.