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How To Get More Energy Through The Day Using Provigil

Working 8 hours a day has become too little to achieve our goals and dreams in the workplace. If a person wants to become successful and achieve a promotion fast, they need to work a lot more than the standard 9-5 job.

Some would say, well why not? Of course, why not, but the problem is that no one can handle the pressure and achieve concentration on the work they do for straight 12 hours or so. It’s exhausting being focused for more than a few hours, and when it comes to a number like this, it’s almost impossible. See this thorough article on people’s attention span and concentration on the link.

The solution that millions of people are using now is called Provigil. This is a drug that allows people to maintain concentration and be able to work more than the usual 8 hours. It is a legal pill that can be found under many different trade names on the market.

What is Provigil?

More thoroughly, this is a nootropic substance that has the ability to affect the nervous system and the brain. The drug was first discovered more than 50 years ago as a medicament to treat patients with narcolepsy who had trouble staying awake.

Now it is a drug that a lot of people use to also stay awake. On top of this, they found out that the brain function is becoming better and they are able to both get rid of the feeling of sleepiness while achieving excellent mental strength.

The catch is in the dosage and the accurate consuming. If you need more energy during the standard working day, you need to take it in the morning before going to work or just when you get there. It takes 10-15 minutes to react after which you start feeling mentally powerful.

Your brain becomes capable of doing things you previously couldn’t do without struggling. The working memory becomes better, the focus and concentration are higher, and you overall have the strength to do more complex tasks without feeling exhausted after a while. See how much we actually use of our brain here:

People using it claim that it is like a smart drug. It makes you act and feel smarter. You don’t get some kinds of superpowers, you don’t get to know the information you previously didn’t know or solve riddles that no one else can. No, you just become more focused on things and your mind can use a maximum of your capacity at the moment.

Is the pill safe?

When it comes to the question is this drug safe for your use, we can clearly say that it is. The side effects that are proven to exist are nothing that a person can’t handle but it’s best if the usage is terminated when they appear. Things like nausea, higher blood pressure, faster heart rate, and insomnia are the most common ones.

All these are completely normal. A person can ignore them if the use of the pills is meant to be done once. If the use is for every day, then consulting with a doctor is needed and terminating the use too.

However, only a small number of users claim that they experienced something like this. Most show no signs at all. The drug works just fine and there are no side effects. This means that it can be used daily under the prescribed dose.

This is highly important. Some people think that taking more will make them even smarter. That’s not true, it will only create health issues and nothing else. That’s why it’s best to take one pill a day and let the body rest after the effects fade away.

Where to get it?

Getting this in the pharmacy is a little problematic. Since this is a drug meant for the narcoleptic patients, you’re going to need a prescription from a doctor. You can’t get it over the counter. The pharmacist will ask you for the prescription and if you don’t have one, they won’t sell you any. It’s illegal to do it.

However, the internet has a solution to almost all of life’s problems. You can find the same thing online. It is also the best way to get it for a great price. All you have to do is search for it on some of the specialized pages like the one we just highlighted.

Look for some reviews from previous users too. See what they think about a certain webpage and find out if there’s a better option. Our advice is not to get any kind of product. There are lots of trade names of the same drug, but the most popular and well known around the world are Provigil and Modafinil. It’s suggested to look for some of these when getting the thing online.

Things to mind before using

Before using Provigil you need to be aware of a few things. First, understand that this is a serious drug that affects the sleep cycle. If you take it later during the day, chances you’re going to fall asleep in the evening are almost none.

Knowing this, you can use it for deliberately staying up during the night. Either working the late-night shift or having to finish some of the things you didn’t make it through the day – the choice is yours.

If you need this just for getting more energy, then the best option is to take it early in the morning. This way you’ll both be active during the day and still get to sleep normally in the evening.


After everything mentioned in this article, it’s clear how to get more energy during the working day. If you’re having second thoughts or hesitating whether this is the best option for you – relax, it is not only the best, but the only legal option to achieve mental strength.

Everything else is an illicit drug that will create a lot more additional problems and side effects that will ruin your health.