Ivf Cost In Delhi

Ivf Cost In Delhi


Just a few decades back, the concept of IVF seemed entirely foreign to the people in India since there was not widespread awareness about it. The mere thing that the maximum public knew was that it was an infertility cure that helps childless couples complete their families via ‘test-tube babies’. After a lot of efforts by the government and also educating the people through various mediums, people now understand that IVF is what people resort to when they find difficulty in conceiving a baby.

Numerous people have the misconception that since this is a non-natural process, the baby may not be normal. On the other hand, it is to be understood that though fertilization occurs outside the human body, once the embryo is transmitted in the mother’s uterus and the body accepts the transmission and shows pregnancy, it is a normal pregnancy like any other.

When a couple considers IVF treatment as an opportunity to grow their family, many facets need to be measured. The emotional, as well as medical facets, are the most important ones, but the cost of IVF treatment in the IVF centre in Delhi is the key aspect. So, every couple inquires about Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) and the cost associated with the treatment before visiting any IVF clinic.

What Is The Cost Of Ivf Treatment In Delhi?

The Cost of IVF treatment in Delhi is still very much within your means when matched to other Western nations. Though, the cost of the IVF treatment depends on various factors. So, it’s better to break down the expenses of an IVF process into separate stages, this break-down in the IVF package will aid couples looking for an infertility cure in comprehending the cost of IVF at the KJIVF-IVF center.

IVF includes a chain of the procedure, like ovarian stimulation, egg retrieval process, and embryo transfer. The cost of each procedure may differ from one another and will embrace the cost of laboratory studies, ultrasounds, and drugs. So, an aspiring couple going ahead for IVF should always inquire whether the treatment package quoted, involves the cost of fertility medicines, blood tests, follicular observation, and ultrasound. Inquiring about such details before starting the IVF procedure can save high medicinal bills.

Why Is The Ivf Cost So High?

One might wonder as to why the cost of the treatment is so high. The answer to it is simple. The procedure requires taking an egg out of the mother’s body which is a very difficult process. Apart from that, the egg and the sperm need to be fertilized in the lab (outside the womb conditions). There is extra care that needs to be taken so that there is no contamination or misdeed of any sort. Then the fertilized embryo needs to be put into the body again. All of these are extremely crucial steps and require extra care, professional medical equipment, and medical expertise. At the KJIVF-IVF center, there is transparency maintained with patients to ensure a smooth treatment

Elements That Sway The Cost Of Ivf Are:

Laboratory Examinations:

  • For Females: A Blood test (AMH TEST), is to validate egg reserve and the levels of vital hormones afore and through cycle management. A blood test to validate viral indicators. Additionally, once an embryo transfer procedure is conducted, a blood test (Beta HCG) to check for pregnancy.
  • For Males: Semen examination to validate the sperm count, sperm motility, and sperm morphology. Additionally, a blood test to check for viral indicators.

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Cost Of Ultrasounds:

Ultrasounds are a vital fragment of an IVF sequence as it aids to screen the ovaries to conclude when the eggs are prepared for retrieval. It also aids the gynecologist to examine a female’s reproductive morphology such as:

  • The Uterus’s shape and structure.
  • The endometrial thickness.
  • The size of the ovaries.
  • Antral follicle count provides an understanding of the number of eggs left in the ovaries.

Cost Of The Ot Charges:

The Operation Theatre cost, nursing charges, and Doctor’s fees are also encompassed in the IVF package.

Factors that can influence the total IVF treatment cost also depend on the kind of IVF that a couple chooses. Here are other factors that can affect the cost of IVF treatment at our IVF center in Delhi.

  • Donor Embryo IVF: The charges of donor embryo IVF are low as there is no requirement of stimulation medicines, as we are consuming a ready-made embryo for the embryo transfer process.
  • Surrogacy: The IVF surrogacy quotation is high because the prices for all the drugs and other allied expenditures of the surrogate, besides her living outlay will be involved in the IVF surrogacy package. All of these costs are covered at the best prices at the KJIVF-IVF center.

Apart from this, the anesthesia cost, laparoscopy or hysteroscopy charges, the embryo freezing charge, all of them come together to form an entire package of the IVF treatment that is provided to the patients.

Kjivf Is Here To Help You

Transparency is one of the most important benchmarks of KJIVF. This is why the patients at KJIVF are always included in all the major discussions and the cost of the procedures is also mentioned before the treatment. We understand that the treatment takes an emotional toll on the couple and hence we try our best to minimize the stress that falls upon the couple during the treatment. To assist with financial aid, we help the couple to get loans so that they can bring the dream of having a baby and starting a family together to live.

With advanced technology/ machinery and clinical practices that are diligently observed, KJIVF gives you the proficiency and technology to upsurge your probabilities of getting pregnant.