Review Of The Patriot 10 Folding Electric Wheelchair

Are you looking for an affordable remote folding electric wheelchair with a large seat that is also approved for travelling by air? Consider the Patriot 10 electric wheelchair with extended range. This seat is one of the heavier folding electric chairs on the market with a load capacity of 330 pounds and a seat width of 20 inches.

This wheelchair weighs 61 pounds with the supplied battery and only weighs 55 pounds when the battery is removed. The ComfyGo Patriot 10 folding electric wheelchair is one of the lightest on the market today. It folds within 3 seconds and easily fits in most car trunks. Thus, it can be stored easily for travel. In addition, the seat and backrest can be removed and cleaned.

One of the best features of the Patriot 10 is the ability to adjust the color to your taste and style. In addition to the normal black color, there are five other color options to choose from, including more attractive alternative fabrics with custom embroidery in black, blue, red and bold colors. This electric wheelchair also has a dual and brushless motor for more power and a better ride.

The ComfyGo Patriot 10 electric chair has two lithium batteries that power its two 250W brushless motors, which is one of its unique features. This is great if you need an electric chair that will last you all day. The frame of this ComfyGo chair is made of aluminum alloy and the wheels (front and rear) are puncture-free for a more stable and carefree ride.

If you like being active and traveling, the Patriot 10 is a very good choice because it is not only lightweight but also approved for aircraft and cruise ships. A battery approved for air transport with a certified high-quality charger available worldwide. No more restrictions on moving on vacation.

Users can control direction and adjust speed with a joystick located on the shoulder. This wheelchair can be used at low speeds, is good on the road and can handle low slopes.

The battery can travel up to 14+ miles on a single charge. It can run on different types of roads, such as grass, driveway, deceleration belt, brick, mud, snow, bumpy road. The lithium battery can be charged and used together or separately.

This electric wheelchair has a 360 degree waterproof universal smart joystick. It is easy to operate, has a power indicator, an on-off switch, a horn, and a speed indicator.

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