The War on Drugs: Legalizing Marijuana the Right Way

The War on Drugs: Legalizing Marijuana the Right Way

For several years now, there have been ongoing debates about marijuana legalization. Even if not all states and countries have legalized it, the trend continues. For the states that have legalized weed, there is an age limit that dictates who should use cannabis. Today, you can easily find a cannabis dispensary anywhere unlike before when there were no such businesses. The war on drugs, including alcohol, has been there for a long time, and as much as it is impossible to ban such things, the only solution is proper regulation.

How Will Laws on Cannabis Help?

  • The law will allow adults of 21 years and over to use marijuana and its products.
  • It will provide vital protection against discrimination
  • Provide education for youths and reduce the access to marijuana to young people.
  • Make obtaining licenses easy and accessible to small businesses.
  • Use revenue generated from taxes for social and community development.

For a long time, racists have discriminated against Latinos and Blacks against the use of cannabis. As such, the debate to allow possession, use, and selling of marijuana has been ongoing. According to federal law, cannabis is a Schedule I drug, and this has brought about a lot of barriers in the use and sales of marijuana. According to scientific studies, marijuana can treat seizures, chronic pain, and other health conditions. Others believe marijuana is the cause of various problems, including mental, road accidents, and others. The truth is, there is a need for more research on the effects of marijuana. The war on drugs will continue, but there is no way of banning marijuana completely. Even if it has not been legalized in many countries, people still access it through the black market.

There are various reasons why marijuana should be legalized. Instead of focusing on the negative effects, it is still crucial to keep an eye on the positive ones too. Legalization of marijuana will:

Create More Jobs

Since the legalization of marijuana in different states, cannabis businesses have emerged and this has brought a lot of employment opportunities. You can simply open a dispensary in Las Animas Colorado, which also brings more opportunities. Consider the cannabis business model of plant-touching and non-plant touching. Each model has numerous employment opportunities. People can be producers, cultivators, open dispensaries, and more. For the non-plant touching sector, there are opportunities for making cannabis accessories and tech equipment. In short, legalizing cannabis the right way will create more jobs.Angela Merkel′s party mulls legalizing cannabis in GermanyNewsDW26.10.2019

Reduce Harm

The lack of access to cannabis to the youths pose danger to their safety. There is a lot of discrimination even for innocent people. Cannabis use is associated with criminals and people who lack ambitions. With legalization, the stigmatization that brings these harms will diminish with time.

Promote Safety

Today, the cannabis business in unlegalized states and countries is dangerous. Even the people who have all the experience you could count on face various dangers in the business. With legalization, such dangers will reduce. Furthermore, it will be possible to test the standard and quality of marijuana and this will promote safety.


These are not the only reasons why marijuana should be legalized. There is a lot more that comes from the effects of marijuana on the body and society at large. The war on drugs will continue, and unless the right things are done, there is no other way to do this.