What Does Intensive Outpatient Treatment Consist of?

What Does Intensive Outpatient Treatment Consist of?

There are different types of treatments for every disease, the same is the case for drug addiction treatment. In drug addiction treatment there are so many different kinds of treatments, there are early intervention treatments, there are outpatient treatments, intensive outpatient treatments, inpatient and intensive inpatient treatments. All these exist for different levels of addictions that people have towards drugs, alcohol, or any other substance. But if you have already checked your doctor, and they have assigned you intensive outpatient treatment as a way to solve your addiction to drugs issue, then there are things that you should know about your type of treatment program before you go about it at a rehab center. Therefore, here are some things to know about los angeles iop.

Things You Should Know About Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program.

In intensive outpatient treatment program, the hours increase considerably when it comes to the treatment program. The patient used to go to the treatment program for outpatient detox for an hour, but in intensive outpatient treatment program, you can go for more than 1 hour so that the intensity of the treatment increases and helps the patient in the long run which can also health them quickly. So, the hours can increase from 1-3 hours, and the number of days the person can go to the rehab center and get treated are anywhere from 3 days to 5 days.

The intensive outpatient treatment program allows the patients to keep working, keep studying, or keep doing their hobbies despite going to the rehab facility with them. The medical health professionals just treat them for 1-3 hours for 3-5 days a week, and the patients can use those things they learned from the health professionals at the rehab facility to better work at their office, or to better study at school which they had a problem with before.

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The best thing about los angeles iop is that it costs considerably less as compared to the costs of inpatient treatment program, and it also offers the same level of intensity that inpatient treatment programs offer to their patients. The price of intensive outpatient treatment is 10-15 thousand dollars per month while inpatient treatment program costs 30,000 on average per month and it can increase even more depending upon the severity of the patient’s drug addiction.

The patients can get their needs met properly with the help of intensive outpatient treatment program unlike outpatient program. The patents can get aid whenever they want, they are subjected to almost 24 hours of attention from the medical health professionals and that is something inpatient program offers, but this 24 hours of catering the patient doesn’t always happen all the time in person, it happens on the phone mostly but for 1-3 hours it happens in person

The success rate of intensive outpatient treatment program is a lot higher as compared to the success rate of outpatient treatment program, mainly because the number of hours is increased and the fact that the patients can get medical treatment which they couldn’t get with outpatient treatment programs.

In intensive outpatient treatment program, the patient is given group therapy, a lot of emphasis is given to that, and during this treatment, there is a high chance the patient can develop a support circle that consist of former drug addicts who will later help them in the future to be less scared of dealing with drug addiction and who might even support them if they go through relapse again.