What is the 12-Step Program?

What is the 12-Step Program?

Drug addiction happens to many people. The logical thing to do about drug addiction is that one should be cured from it. Since cure is needed, medical science created many ways to solve the drug addiction issue in an individual. They have made many treatment programs that can help cure an individual’s drug addiction and make them the same way how they used to be before the drug addiction took a hold of them. The common types of treatments that we know about are inpatient treatment program and outpatient treatment program. There are other kinds of treatment options as well, they are detoxification as well as therapy, but there is another unique treatment, and that is to follow the 12 step program. This program was createdthe Alcoholics Anonymous and it has 12 steps that a drug addict can practice daily for better chance of recovering.

The 12 steps program can be done at any time,the individual or during the time at the Drug Rehab New Hampshire center, but the basics of the program is what the drug rehab facility will help the patient learn so they can practice it daily. The patient can revisit the 12 step program after their recovery process as well, there is no limit to how many times you can practice it—the more you practice it, the better the chances at staying sober and clean.

So, What are the 12 Steps? Here They are:

1st step. We have admitted the fact that we have been powerless against the drug that we have been consuming and that because of the drug addiction, our lives have become incredibly unmanageable and unbearable for us and for the people around us.

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2nd step. The second step is to believe that there is a power, an entity that is greater than us, it could be God, mother nature, or anything on a spiritual level, this power can restore anything and everything related to our sanity.

3rd step. Make a decision that our lives and our entire being will be under God’s care.

4th step. Become fearless and be mentally strong, all in all, make these morals a part of our morality.

5th step. Admit all the wrongdoings that we have done to God, that we have done to the people around us such as our friends, family members, and relatives, even strangers.

6th step. Be ready for the time that God will use his power to remove all of the defects that we may have in our entire character. This is the halfway to the 12 steps that one learns at a Drug Rehab New Hampshire facility. Doing the first 6 steps is enough for starters.

7th step. Ask the God to remove any shortcomings, any wrongdoings, anything that we couldn’t do so the regret that we may have is lifted from our souls.

8th step. Make an entire list of the people that we may have harmedour words and actions, and make a moral obligation to rectify our mistakes and make amends.

9th step. Make amends with all the people that we may have hurt whenever possible, except when they might get hurt.

10th step. Make sure to keep checking our actions and words, and instantly admit our wrongdoings the moment we commit them.

11th step. By doing meditation and prayers, we must improve the connection with God so that we may heal through him.

12th step. After having a spiritual awakening due to following these steps, we must carry the torch towards other drug addicts and alcoholics so that they may benefit from it too.

These are all the 12 steps that you can learn at a Drug Rehab New Hampshire facility, and you can practice them while doing your treatment for better recovery chances and peace of mind.


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