What To Unhappy Spouses And Fired Employees Have In Common

After more than three decades of research, the method for predicting divorce is so elaborate that it is possible to predict divorce and based on the first three minutes of hearing the arguments, and it is 80-90 percent accuracy. To solve your marital problems, visit counselling clinic muskoka.

Why do the employees leave their job?

First, the employees were interviewed and measured their attitudes (job satisfaction, dedication, intent to end the job, strike and burn at work). They had questions for a year, and after two years studied what remained the same and what changed.

The survey participants also asked to describe their negative experiences in the companies they worked on. There are three forms of negativity that predict that employees will have a greater intention to leave the company after just a year. It is about disappointment, anger, or ridicule of this indirect negativity (focusing on negativity and in a positive story).

This research has shown that it does not mean that all employees who describe their job in a negative context will need to leave it. There are, therefore, several types of negativity, some of which can tolerate, while other important warnings for employers. Despair, complaints as well as exercise of rights are not the reasons why they leave their jobs, research has shown.

Those who left their jobs have not been able to accept bad things as part of their lives, but do not even avoid the enormous discussion of negativity. They also did not see that there was any hope in that business.
The similarities between unhappy marriages and dissatisfaction at work

Of course, marriage and work are not the same, but there are certainly some similarities. People establish credible and reliable relationships that are based on the exchange of material (money, product) or social (love, status, information) resources.

In both relationships, there is an important balance between attractiveness, alternatives and legal, cultural, financial or practical barriers that are the reason for leaving.

In marriages where there are various forms of negativity such as disappointment, hostility or controversy, there is a great risk of divorce. Belts who do not accept the fight and are not glorious, are difficult to avoid conflicts.

Therefore, in order for marriages to be happy, it is necessary to show at least five times more positive emotions than the negative ones that occur during the fight.

Although employees are at a lower rate, their emotions have played a role. Employees whose ratio of positive and negative emotions when they talked about their work in companies was 2: 1, had a better job and business attitude.

But there is also a difference between unhappy and dissatisfied employees, which is about empathy. While it is important for couples to show compassion, at work to be sympathetic to things you do not like brings a bad outcome. Those who work sympathetic are less satisfied with their job, and after a year they are less committed to that job.

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