Why Use Micellar Casein Protein Supplements?

Why Use Micellar Casein Protein Supplements?

Basically, all the supplements out there for endurance recovery and nutrition. It all depends on the type of person using the supplements. Sometimes, the person in usage of supplements doesn’t see much results. It is because his body is not in need of those portions, but one thing everyone can guarantee is that protein will always be in demand because almost 80% dry-weight of a normal human is made up of protein. All the proteins are made up of basic amino acids, these are the basic building blocks of any human.

So, in short no matter how much protein we take either it will be washed off if in excess or add into the body. Our body will only accept this new incoming protein, if it is need of and during workout, we break our fibers and muscles in return it needs more amino acids or polypeptide chains.

Slow Digesting Supplements

Micellar Casein Protein is a slow digesting protein. This is mostly usedpeople that have cravings and do not feel full. They like to eat things after every once in a while, this protein is digested slowly meaning that your stomach will be full for a longer period making sure that you refrain yourself from eating anything sugary with a lot of calories. Maintaining body to mass ratio is very important for body builders and weight lifters

Usage Of Micellar Casein

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This protein powder is also made up of dry milk like Whey Protein Powder out there, this makes it compatible for daily use. Micellar casein is found in different flavors according to your preference. You can use it before workout, it will make sure that you do not lose your appetite nor your stomach is too full to exercise. This can be quite troublesome if it interferes with your exercise.

This is the reason many of the athletes or people who like to have a pre workout protein shake prefer Micellar Casein, because of its moderate need and slow digestion.

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