Maternal Dna Test

Paternal Testing And Maternal Dna Test: What Are They And How Do They Differ?

Do you want to identify your parents? For long, you believed that parents you live with are the real ones. You love them as they inspire care for all your needs. However, after extensive research, you have come up with conclusive information: you are an adopted child.  This information is disturbing you. Now you want to identify your real parents.

Upon visiting the experts or DNA labs like PaternityUSA, they talk about a paternal or maternal test. The idea is confusing you and wondering which one to go for to get perfect information. Before learning the difference between the two types of DNA tests, it is important to know what they are:

What are paternal and maternal tests?

The paternal test is a DNA test that focuses on the father’s side. It assesses your connection with your father by testing male genetic material. It is crucial for determining who your father is.  On the other hand, the maternal DNA test assesses whether a certain lady is your mother.

The results of these tests are 100% accurate.  If the results are positive, there is no doubt the said parents are your real mother and father. When the result indicates zero percent relations, then no other way you can use to prove your case. So, these tests are the perfect approach for resolving paternal or maternal tussles.

Differences between paternal and maternal tests

As explained above, paternal and maternal DNA tests have several differences. Here are some of them:

DNA material used

The two DNA tests differ on the material used to assess the genetic relationship between you and the alleged parents. The paternal test uses the Y-chromosome element to determine the genetic connection. On the other hand, tracking work from home maternal tests use mtdna. It assesses the presence of similar mtdna components between you and your parents.

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Despite the difference in DNA material used, the two methods provide an accurate result. The two materials do not mutate like other genetic components.

The gender who can take part in the test

As you can see, the paternal test assesses the Y-chromosome DNA similarity. The Y-chromosome is only a component in male. It is what men share from their father. For this reason, only men can take a paternal test. If you’re a woman, you will require a brother to confirm your paternity claim.

In contrary, maternal test use mtdna which mothers pass to their children. This means that it is a DNA component found in either gender for assessing the DNA testing mother’s side. Whether you’re a male or female, you can use these tests to confirm your relationship with the person you suspect to be your mother. So, you can order a maternal DNA test kit to perform the test at home.

Wrap Up

In a word, the paternal and maternal DNA test is essential to solving your familial issue. The maternal DNA test cost can be lower than the paternal one. The case can be so for ladies as you would require to get a biological brother to take part in the test. In either case, these DNA tests are the only valid way of proofing your paternal and maternal claims.